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Laura Meredith-Hobbs, Registered Midwife


“You are braver than you believe and stronger

and smarter than you think”  

- Winnie The Pooh  

She believed she could she did

About Me

As a new mother, you may be suffering from lack of sleep, difficulty feeding, confusion, fear, loneliness’, physical discomfort, lack of support, frustration.

As a qualified midwife and a mother of three I can offer you expertise, knowledge, experience and support.


Working for several years as a community Midwife, I have experienced the desperation some women feel when becoming a mother, which led me to believe that through excellent postnatal care, delivered to a high standard, with passion and care, we could help improve a mother’s wellbeing, enabling mothers to gain confidence in their choices they make, to help them understand that to fail is to improve.


Postnatal care’s goal is to gently support women in finding their own voice and joy in motherhood.


The first few weeks at home with a newborn baby can be very challenging, sometimes lonely and frightening. Most first-time mothers question their ability and doubt themselves. My role as your midwife is to provide a relationship and space where you can share those feelings and concerns and feel heard and understood, this can sometimes be enough.


I am a registered midwife with the NMC, my speciality lying in postnatal midwifery. I am passionate about providing excellent postnatal care. I believe the first few weeks at home with a newborn baby can be challenging, but with gentle support and the ability to listen and hear, I can empower women to have the confidence to overcome new mother obstacles.


I offer physical and emotional care, for mother and baby, and further family support.

I provide unrushed postnatal care in your own home, space to talk and be listened to, I believe that active listening is so important, it helps build a picture of the support needed. I give emotional and physical holistic care, that will enable you to care for your baby to the best of your ability. Empowering mothers to believe in the choices they make. I act with integrity, working within the NICE guidelines. 


I believe the mother and baby relationship is paramount. Sometimes a mother can lose her confidence, my role would be to gently empower her to care for her and her baby. I believe that by supporting the whole family it will empower the mother to make confident choices.

I am a registered midwife, with the NMC, my speciality lying in postnatal midwifery.

“To behold a woman

with a babe in arms, held close to her heart is to see an untold strength.”