What I Do
Fitness Classes

Fitmama Foundations is an 8-week programme that currently runs on Thursday evenings in Sea Mills, Bristol,  throughout the year. 


 These holistic programmes combine:


  • A one-off workshop to get to grips with why we develop a poochy tum, weak pelvic floor and/or poor posture after having babies and, most importantly, what to do about it!

  • a weekly fitness class focussing on re-building core strength through whole body resistance exercise; a touch of fat burning cardio and some essential relaxation that leaves you wanting more!

  • online group mentoring through facebook for additional support, workouts, lifestyle tips, nutrition essentials, weekly challenges and so much more.    


Each programme takes on a slightly different focus from ‘mindful movement’ to ‘nutrition for healing’.  January 2018 includes free online weekly coaching to help make sure you create space in your life for these new healthy habits, after all, as the Buddha said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.  And heck knows you need a clear mind to get through everything on your to-do list and still come out smiling, right mama?

Fitmama Foundations is always oversubscribed so please register your interest to join the tribe here.

Price £85



Home Workouts

I also offer bespoke online health and fitness packages tailored to your needs which will then be emailed to you in the form of short videos and PDFs.  This is ideal if you are unable to attend a Fitmama Foundations programme, need a bit of personalised support (eg due to specific injuries or health concerns), or you just prefer to do your thing in the comfort of your own home.  The bespoke package includes:



  • A 45 minute phone/Skype consultation to assess and discuss your health and fitness needs so I can create a package that is perfect for you!

  • A fitness programme including short instructional videos on re-connecting and strengthening your core through correct breathing, posture and exercise technique.  You’ll also receive your tailored resistance and/or cardio workout video/s for you to complete at home whenever you can fit it in (these take no longer than 30 mins and can even be divided up to slot in around your busy schedule!)

  • Food diary analysis and recommendations around improving your diet and a more mindful approach to your eating.


You can also add to this as many coaching sessions as you need so that, together, we can create time and space in your, probably hectic life, to work on your health and fitness aspirations.   


from £85


Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to make sure you actually get some regular fitness in and of course I will probably push you further than you would naturally push yourself, making sure you get the maximum benefit.  I tailor the sessions to your needs and stage of motherhood. 


We can work at your house or mine and can focus on whatever you want to work on whether that be rebuilding core strength and function after having a baby (no more ‘sneeze wees’), training to run a marathon or losing weight – OR a bit of everything.  We can also record your workout so you can do it again at home between our training sessions.  Plus if you want some support with nutrition and or stress management (who doesn’t?!) then we can work on that too.  PT starts at £40 per hour or purchase 6 sessions for £200


**Sorry, we're all booked up for Personal Training at the moment but contact me to register your interest and I'll be in touch when space becomes available)**


Other Events

I am currently hosting free mini monthly workshops at Sea Mills Children's Centre Baby Club (for local mums with babies and children under 2) on a Friday morning.  Come along to say hello, bring your questions and gain some insights into how YOU can lead a healthier, fitter, better mum life!