A little bit about me

 I’ve always had a passion for food. My early memories of food and cooking take me back to when I was little as 8 years old, and being asked by my mum to help her in the kitchen to prepare family meals, as there was always so much to do.


By the age of 10, I was preparing meals on my own and haven’t looked back since! Over the years, through university days, first job and subsequent ones, marriage, and having children, the one thing that has remained constant in my life, has been my love of food and cooking. 


The ability to ‘knock up’ great tasting food – I think is a great way to relax and a life skill at best, something that I’m keen to pass  onto my 2 children, who are currently in training!

And why I launched Delish!


Having been part of the ‘corporate’ working life for some time, I decided that I wanted to follow my one true passion, which is cooking.  I wanted to share my skills with other foodies and help them to learn how to cook authentic Indian food, using real ‘everyday’ ingredients. 


Often there is so much mystery around how Indian food is made and how complicated it must be – I want to help dispel this myth!  It’s easy when you know-how.


I truly believe that after attending a Delish cookery class you’ll think twice before ordering or buying ready-made Indian food again. When you’ve been shown how easy it is for you to create your own healthier and fresher version of your favourite curry, you won’t want to rely on anyone else to deliver the goods.


Loving to cook, means I also love to feed others with all the food I make, which is why I’ve recently started hosting regular Supper Club evenings. Click here  to find out more.


Thanks for reading



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